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Piece of Shell Opal Cut from Bigger Piece the Size of a Softball!

This brilliant piece of chunk of opal weighs in at a whopping 33.83 carats! Believe it or not though this huge rock was actually cut from an even larger Shell opal crystal. The original piece weighed in at over 500 carats, roughly the size of a softball.

The owner of the original 500 carat gem actually found it on his property in Australia! He then cut it down into smaller pieces.

When we bought this 33.83 carat free form piece, we knew that it had to have a free flowing, natural looking, mounting to compliment it. Artistry In Gold's master jeweler, James Rath sat for a few hours hand carving this design. There were many different versions of what ultimately came to be this beautiful work of art! The final design, weighing in at 33.83 grams, boasts over an ounce of gold! This is truly one of those one of a kind pieces that we specialize in here at Artistry In Gold!

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